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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Aravakurichi Pincode / Post Office Search (KARUR, Tamil Nadu)

A.Meenakshivalasu B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Alamarathupatti B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Ammapatti B.O 639203AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Aravakurichi S.O 639201AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Ariyur B.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Athipalayam B.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Chinnadharapuram S.O 639202AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Chinnakariyampatti B.O 639201AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Chinnavangalampalayam B.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Elavanur B.O 639002AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Gudalur B.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Inunganur B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Isanatham S.O 639203AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Kanakkuvelampatti B.O 639201AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Karudayampalayam B.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Karunellivalasu B.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Karuppapillaipudur B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Kattampudur B.O 639202AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Kattumunnur B.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Kodanthur B.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Koonampatti B.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Kottapatti B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Kovilur B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Kuppam B.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Kurikkaranvalasu B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Lingamanaickenpatti B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Malaikovil B.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Modakkur B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Monjanur B.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Moolapatti S.O 639109AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Mudiganam B.O 639002AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Munnur B.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Muthanampalayam B.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Nadanthai North B.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Nambagoundanur B.O 639201AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Nanjaikalakurichi B.O 639002AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Nedungur B.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Pallamarudapatti B.O 639002AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Pallapatti Bazaar S.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Pallapatti S.O (Karur) 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Pappanaickenpatti B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Paramathi (Karur) S.O 639111AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Pavithram B.O 639002AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Perityamanjuveli B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Periyamathiagudalur B.O 639202AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Periyathirumangalam B.O 639202AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Pethachinagar B.O 639203AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Ponnagoundanur B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Pungambadi B.O 639201AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Punjaikalakurichi B.O 639002AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Punnamchatram B.O 639136AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Rajapuram B.O 639201AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Rengamalaipudupatti B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Rengapalayam B.O 639202AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Sandapadi B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Sellivalasu B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Sendamangalam B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Tennilai S.O 639206AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Thokkupattipudur B.O 639202AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Thumbivadi B.O 639002AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Uttupatti B.O 639202AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Varikkapatti B.O 639109AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Velampadi B.O 639205AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Velanchettiyur B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Verisinampatti B.O 639207AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Viswanathapuri B.O 639002AravakurichiTamil Nadu
Zamin Athur B.O 639203AravakurichiTamil Nadu

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